How we Deliver Research Excellence

RPS Trained Personnel

Our staff are trained in radiation protection principles and procedures, the requirements of the Regulations and the arrangements in local rules to enable them to supervise the work safely and maintain the precautions that will restrict exposure.

Interactive Workshops

BUFFF is equipped with professional-grade audio visual capabilities allowing us to deliver hands-in-pocket seminars, tutorials as well as running interactive workshops where attendees will recieve a master class in fuel production and laboratory operation.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

The sintering furnace at the centre of BUFFF is a one of a kind piece of equipment in the UK and world-leading: provides the ability to tailor the sintering atmosphere in an industrially applicable manner but on a laboratory scale, whilst also having the ability to observe the sintering process in-situ using a range of digital image correlation techniques (with further techniques to be developed using the facility) whilst monitoring the sintering atmosphere using techniques including gas-chromatography-mass-spectrometry (GC-MS).

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A powerful analytical technique to determine the dimensional changes in a material as a function of temperature. BUFFF houses a Linseis DIL L74 Dilatometer with a maximum working temperature of 1,500 °C and heating rate of 0.01 – 100 °C per minute.

Pellet Pressing

The creation of solid pellets from powdered products. BUFFF uses a Korsch STYL One Nano capable of pressing up 1,800 pellets per hour by leveraging compressed air and software aid for uniform pressing.

Active Material Handling

We use two inert atmosphere gloveboxes dedicated to the safe handling of radioactive materials. The facility is also capable of intensive radiation monitoring by using a hand & foot monitor and alpha source air monitor.

X-Ray fluorescence (XRF)

By utilising a Bruker S2 Puma energy-dispersive benchtop XRF, BUFFF is capable of characterising over 80 elements ranging from carbon to americium. The machine features a 12 sample carousel coupled to a 50 kV generator.

Active Sample Sectioning & Polishing

Through use of an ISOMET 1000 for pellet sectioning and a Buehler Minimet 1000 grinder and polisher. Sectioning and polishing increases the ease of handling of active material and helps prepare samples for characterisation.


Our BEL Pycho L-ATC allows users to measure the true density of powders using Boyle’s Law. The machine offers advanced built-in safety features for active materials.

High-Performance Computing

Utilising powerful computational resources allows our users to tackle any software related task. Our compute amenities allow us to swiftly process our results and get the useful data that we need from our lab machinery.

Professional Audio Visual

BUFFF has a complete audio visual setup that will facilitate the production of professional-grade livesteams, films and videos of the events and research from within the laboratory. BUFFF will has the capabilties to create bespoke 3D models of its research through the use of 3D scanning technology.


Facilitation of the training of the next generation of advanced materials and fuels scientists is a primary objective of the Bangor University Fuel Fabrication Facility. Using its professional AV capabilities, BUFFF will deliver hands-in-pockets online seminars with unrivaled interactivity for its audience.

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